Status: up and running

Everyone operating a computer-service loves this message and I'm passionate about keeping it up and running.

I have many years of experience as professional system administratorand about 20 years as hobbyist using GNU/Linux. Currently I'm orchestrating the IT infrastructure for schools, build networks and scalable services. One of my biggest interests lies in virtualization, task-automation and configuration managment.

Lukas Kropatschek


Here is an overview of the things I'm good at. I've used all of the following technologies in production environments for some years. Still I'm constantly striving to improve running systems and use new technologies where applicable.


Administration and maintenance of GNU/Linux and other Unix systems.


Planning and implementation of networks including firewall setups with pfSense and OPNsense.


Proactive security by monitoring system resources and services with icinga2


Reviewing and optimization of running systems as well as general consultation.

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Do you have a question or do you want me to do any of the above for you? Don't hesitate to contact me. Use this form to send me an email or contact me with XMPP.